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Collect debts and find assets in Ukraine and abroad

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What We Do

  • We work in Ukraine and abroad

    We have experience in foreign jurisdictions

  • Collect funds and property

    If the debtor does not pay, does not transfer the goods or property.

  • Find the hidden assets

    Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency, NFT and other digital assets

  • Return hidden property

    We will help to return the property sold / hidden in order to avoid liability

  • Criminal cases

    If there is evidence that the debtor did not intend to return the money, we will help to initiate criminal proceedings

  • Impose burdens

    We initiate the seizure of property or a ban on going abroad

Effective protection against foreclosure

We know how to effectively collect debt. Therefore, we also understand how to effectively protect ourselves from unfounded claims of your counterparties.

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Why work with us

  • 10+ Years

    Support of complex international disputes

  • 9+ Jurisdictions

    Where our lawyers provided his practice to clients in countries such as England, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Germany, etc.

  • $3+ Billions

    The amount of claims in disputes in which our lawyers participated

What makes our work effective

  • Individual strategy and tactics

    Each case requires an individual approach and detailed prediction of possible steps of opponents

  • Set of instruments and tools

    We use all possible legal tools to achieve the best result

  • Effective execution

    We work with trusted executors to ensure full and prompt execution of court decisions

  • Preparation and presentation in court

    We represent the client's case in court to achieve the result

  • Properly prepared evidence base

    We collect and effectively apply evidence. We place emphasis on increasing the probative value

How to work with us

  • You explain the situation and provide available documents

  • We analyze your request based on your unique situation

  • We inform you about the prospects of the case

  • We provide our offer of cooperation, we conclude the agreement

  • We develop an action plan and agree with you

  • We begin the procedure of recovery or protection


Successful cases of our lawyers

  • Recovery of more than 3 million euros "for" undocumented delivery "from a company in the Kherson region", which was not paid for the delivered goods with the company from the EU

    May 2019
  • Recovery of 5+ million dollars from a foreign owner as a guarantor of his company's debt

    May 2019
  • Collection of more than 80 thousand dollars from an individual on receipt

    May 2019

Frequent questions and answers

  • The loan agreement can be concluded orally and in this case it must also be performed. Especially in modern conditions, more and more often in practice there are cases when the loan is confirmed by only a few messages in the messenger. Properly constructed protection strategy will prove the existence of the contract and collect the debt.

  • We apply the protection mechanisms provided by law even in the case when the property is alienated for the purpose of evasion of liability (fraud transaction). In this situation, the contract of alienation of property is subject to invalidation, and the property - returned to the owner. Accordingly, it can be used to repay the debt.

  • Legislation in the United States, many European countries, and other countries contains tools to recover not only the property owned by the debtor himself, but also the assets he has transferred to others. Therefore, under certain circumstances, foreclosure abroad may be even more effective than in Ukraine. For recovery, it is possible to use the procedure of recognition of a court (or arbitration) decision abroad or to initiate a separate trial.

  • This does not guarantee liability. Legislation in other countries also contains tools to protect creditors, and in some cases they are even more effective than in Ukraine. In addition, at the stage of execution of a court decision, we practice applying to the court to obtain a travel ban - until the debt is repaid.

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