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Intellectual Property

In the era of technological advancements, Intellectual property remains to be the most valuable asset for tech companies and not only. Be it software, trademarks, images or videos, or any other intangibles we help clients to ensure their intellectual property is duly protected.

At Conventa Legal we advise companies, developers, and creators on the registration of IP rights in multiple jurisdictions. In cases of IP rights acquisition or assignment we provide due diligence of the assets, mitigate risks and ensure transactions are carried out with the utmost interest of our clients in mind and in full compliance with laws.

We help our clients to protect their IP no matter whether it happened offline, or over the Internet – on video streaming and hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay as well as in social media and other websites.

In case of IP infringement, both – online and offline, we stand by the side of our clients offering effective remedies, from out-of-court DMCA procedures and WIPO settlements to international arbitration, litigation, and criminal investigations in multiple jurisdictions.