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Internet Disputes

Internet Disputes

Resolving complex local disputes is an integral part of Conventa Legal practice. Sometimes even clouds appear in the previously cloudless sky. Such conflicts sometimes arise in almost any business. The reasons for this can be many - differences of opinion with partners, unreliability of contractors, actions of the authorities, unforeseen events and so on.

Although conflicts are a normal part of life, sometimes the fate of business or people depends on their course. Underestimation of the complexity or importance of the situation, ignoring it, unstructured approach to the solution can have serious consequences. Each situation is unique. Prospects for the solution depend on the approach, knowledge, professionalism, as well as on the thorough training of the specialist and the time invested.

The controversy is a marathon, and it is impossible to win without reaching the last 100 meters. That is why we believe that compromises in terms of preparation for the case, gathering evidence, saving the effort or time of lawyers are unacceptable. Our approach is that we always try to do even more than the client expects - all for the sake of striving for the best result. And also because we just don't like to lose.

This approach has allowed our lawyers to gain the trust of clients, including IT companies, manufacturers of electronics and home appliances, agricultural companies and farmers, financial corporations. Our diverse experience includes representation in general, commercial, administrative courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court. We have defended our interests in tax, corporate, land, labor disputes, debt collection, real estate disputes, bankruptcies and other situations.

We are always happy to help businesses and individuals in the most difficult situations, to offer effective, comprehensive ways to resolve conflicts and achieve their goals