Internet Disputes


Becoming increasingly sophisticated, technologies are getting more scrutinized, requiring agile and responsive solutions to navigate the complexities of regulatory hurdles. Having technology at the core of its practice, Conventa Legal understands the needs of both – startups and established companies and helps them to navigate a full range of matters in finances and taxes, corporate, IP, data protection, and dispute resolution.

We guide companies from the incorporation to pre-seed, series-financing stages and beyond ensuring contracts are in order and the client’s interests are always prioritized, and rights are duly protected. Aside from that, our clients may benefit from our expertise in multijurisdictional corporate and tax structuring made according to the best industry practices and in line with the latest BEPS requirements.

We understand that intangibles play a vital role in the life of any company in today’s world. At Conventa we offer tailored solutions for ensuring data privacy, compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other laws. Simultaneously we ensure the protection of goodwill and IP rights over software, trademarks, domains, and inventions starting from their proper registration to sophisticated litigation.

Maybe you are an innovator offering disruptive solutions in DLT and blockchain, NFT, DAO, or VR. Or maybe you are a developer of a widely recognized and commercialized product. We offer no pre-defined and standardized attitude. Cutting-edge tech requires an innovative, cross-discipline approach, and we are always happy to go the extra mile offering our clients forward-thinking solutions.