Creators and Media

Internet Disputes


Social media have already disrupted the industry opening opportunities for creators to scale at large and influence the worldwide auditorium. They play pivotal role in the strategies of global brands while media holdings, private investors and VC funds constantly looking for opportunities to invest in the sector.

Being in the center of attention or investing in those who are may bring public scrutiny and require proper structuring, compliance procedures and protection of rights. At the same time creating intangibles, growing, building the brand and influencing others invokes new challenges from protection of IP rights and ethics to brand deals, crowdfunding and taxation.

Conventa Legal will help you to structure the brand deal on a turnkey basis starting from negotiations to closing. At the same time, our compliance team will make sure business is carried out in line with regulations and applicable ethical standards. Alongside, our corporate and tax specialists will take care over structuring of business and transactions.

Providing clients with robust IP and reputation protection including anti-defamation Conventa Legal helps creators to receive utmost protection from the available instruments. Our range of tools includes out-of-court settlements, mediation and facilitation, protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), litigation and international arbitration.

In the era of abundance of information, attention becomes the new oil and this trend is set for further growth. Conventa stands by the side of its clients ensuring it will not be deterred by legal externalities.